The successes of Serbian athletes around the world, apart from the contribution to the reputation of the country, create space for the introduction of the country’s resources, development of its potential and improvement of the spirit and ethics of its citizens, as well as create environment for closer business relations with the developed world. Implementation of knowledge and scientific achievements contributes to the development and promotion of Serbian sport, more professional work in the field, achievement of better results, and thus brings wider affirmation of the state and society as a whole.


Faculty of Sport, University “Union – Nikola Tesla“ in Belgrade, was founded in 2012 as the first institution of higher education in Serbia whose core academic field is sport. The mission of the Faculty is to offer highly educated and specialized sports experts to sports organizations and clubs, to educational, scientific, cultural and media institutions, as well as to growing sports market in Serbia and beyond. These sports experts will be qualified to give their contribution to the development of sport by meeting its highest standards. In this respect, the following undergraduate courses

  • Coaching in Sport;
  • Management in Sport and
  • Sport Journalism,

and postgraduate – master courses were created at the Faculty:

  • Sport Management;
  • Management in Tourism and Recreational Sport and
  • Coaching in Sport.

All the undergraduate courses consist of 4 years of study and in that period each student gains 240 ECTS credits. Students with higher ambitions have the opportunity to continue their studies and earn additional 60 ECTS (300 ECTS altogether) at master’s degree.

During the study, students study subjects from four scientific fields and 13 subfields of science. Through independent choice of optional and elective courses, students customize their studies towards personal desires and ambitions.

Svetsko prvenstvo u odbojci, Poljska, 30. avgust 2014. godine, Nacionalni stadion u Varšavi, 61.500 gledalaca na utakmici 1. kola Poljska - Srbija

The system of education at the Faculty of Sport is formatted according to the Bologna matrix studies and includes an interactive small group teaching, mentoring of students on individual basis, workshops, panels, seminars, clinics and camps, project development and implementation of practical training.


Student internship is conducted in the last month of the final semester within leading sports organizations and media houses, with which the Faculty has signed a cooperation agreement. This type of teaching is carried out in collaboration with: the Olympic Committee of Serbia, Sports Association of Serbia, Paralympic Committee of Serbia, Institute of Sports and Sports Medicine of the Republic of Serbia, Association of Serbian Coaches, Serbian umbrella sports organizations, as well as sports media houses: Sport Journal, Sport Daily News, Sport FM Radio Station and Sport Club TV Channel. In this way, students have the opportunity to acquire practical knowledge and experience from the most competent national and international experts, with the aim of approaching their future professions in sport during their studies.

Faculty of Sport provides high quality education conditions. New and modern furnished premises with all modern teaching aids, rich in academic libraries, the latest information technology, teaching staff with extensive professional and sporting background, are all guarantee that the Faculty of Sport is the place where theory and practice encounter, where the spirit and mission of sport are felt, where birth to new ideas is given and true values nurtured. The place where knowledge is valued, and work appreciated.

All the candidates who completed secondary school education can apply for the studies at the Faculty of Sport. Former and current athletes, sports professionals and sports officials, who are looking for an adequate education, as well as all those who have the desire and will to achieve goals at the professional sports market, have their place at the Faculty of Sport.

Special attention is directed to the top athletes and sports professionals; following the recommendations of the Strategy of Sports Development of the Republic of Serbia, Serbian Olympic Committee and Sports Association of Serbia, the conditions of study are tailored to their professional obligations, so they can paralely build top sport and academic careers.


Faculty of Sport in Belgrade, in addition to regular academic education, is oriented towards other types of education. The Faculty conducts programs for vocational training and professional improvement of coaches and managers in sport. The aim is that this part of the educational process of sports experts also be at a higher level and thus contribute to the improvement and development of the Serbian sport. In accordance with the law and applicable regulations of the Ministry of Youth and Sport of the Republic of Serbia, all the standards and regulations in physical, financial, scientific and professional potential have been fulfilled.

The objective of the Faculty of Sport is academic and vocational profiling of students – future coaches, managers and journalists, who, after completion of the study, will be ready and able for creative and productive work in their fields.

Diplomas obtained upon graduation are a legal act, but also evidence that students have demonstrated knowledge in various fields of study, and that they can apply theoretical and practical knowledge in sports practice and labor market. There is a wide range of occupations available after graduation, from working in the sports organizations, local authorities, sports venues, media, recreational and tourist centers, to starting own entrepreneurial businesses.

Tuition at the Faculty of Sport covers the costs of registration, exams, certificates, scripts and textbooks, additional educational facilities and insurance. The entrance exam is free. In cooperation with a commercial bank, favorable credit terms of tuition are enabled, including simple procedure of approval, favorable interest rate and fixed dinar instalment.

Faculty door is open to all interested students and their parents, on weekdays from 09.00 to 17.00 and on Saturdays from 10.00 to 16.00 (Saturday visits need to be arranged in advance on tel. 011/404 40 50 or by email The Faculty address is: Đorđa Stanojevića street no. 14, Novi Beograd.