Students of the third year at the study program Coach in Sports, within the subject Scouting in Sports, attended the presentation of the software packages Hudl & SportsCode and the training clinic in the field of scouting. Together with scouting professor Milan Pašić, students had the opportunity to get familiar with the software that they use in a large number of sports (football, basketball, volleyball, athletics, American football, hockey, golf, baseball, wrestling, lacrosse …).

Julien Franceschini and David Dasonvil, in front of American companies Hudl & SportsCode, presented the capabilities of these software and stated that these software are used by all football clubs of the English Premier and the German Bundes league, as well as 17 of the 20 teams of the  first league of France, 29 of the 30 NBA leagues, and many other European teams and the world football and basketball league. In addition to the capabilities and content that the software offers for these sports, they have also presented new modern technological trends in the field of scouting and equipment used for scouting.