Today, the idea of the importance of applying science to sports is more present in public awareness than ever before. We are so much more aware of the fact that science is becoming significant part of sport. This fact was reason enough for us from The Faculty of Sport at The University “Union – Nikola Tesla” to launch such a journal in 2014 with youthful enthusiasm and professional references. In this journal, science and sports are in close relationship, in mutual contact with the media, as agent of their emphatic articulation, which is already happening in the educational process at our institution of higher education. Our journal “Sport and Business” has found its place on the list of categorized journals of the Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development for 2019. The category assigned to our magazine is M54 and carries 2 points.

The core guiding idea and concept of our approach will continue to respect, on the one hand, those scientific goals that are focused on achieving top results, pushing the limits, and effectively repairing and treating injuries that can stop athletes in their efforts, but in the same time, without neglecting its humanistic dimension in the fight against the abuse of both sport and athletes.

We want to contribute to the popularization of new scientific breakthroughs and close the gap between them and those who have to implement them in practice and so give our best through author’s texts in our journal, to reflect the impression of rapid development of science in sport nowadays.