The Faculty of Sport of the University “Union – Nikola Tesla” is characterized by unique study programs, and the fact that it is the only faculty in the region and beyond that educates sports coaches – speaks best of it.

The study program Sports Coaching is accredited by the Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development lasts for four years and upon its completion, students will acquire 240 ECTS (European Credit Transfer System) and the title – Graduate Coach in Sport.

The structure of the study program Sports Coaching is created in accordance with international higher educational institutions, is harmonized with the existing level of development in the field of physical education and sports in the Republic of Serbia, and is based on the Bologna Declaration. During this study program, students will gain the knowledge in the following fields: theory of sport, psychology, and pedagogy of sport, functional anatomy, physiology with the biochemistry of sport, biomechanics of sport, diagnostics in sport, sports training theory, methodology of training technology, conditioning athletes by the chosen sport and other relevant aspects of modern sport and training process.

Bachelor Diploma and a Coaching License

As an exceptionally high-quality higher education institution, the Faculty of Sport is recognized by all of the important sports organizations in Serbia. Accordingly, the Faculty of Sport has signed cooperation agreements with over 80 branch sports federations, sports organizations, and clubs, and our partners are Serbian Olympic Committee, Serbian Sports Federation, Sports Federation of Belgrade, Serbian Paralympic Committee, national football, basketball, volleyball, handball, water polo, athletics, judo, swimming, tennis, boxing federations, and many others.

Close cooperation with these institutions, but above all – the quality of the study program, enables our graduates to automatically receive coaching licenses in addition to the title of the graduate coaches in ports. This is the best proof of the level of knowledge that our students acquire at the Faculty of Sports.

Scientific Research Lab in the Service of Teaching and Training Students

Teaching quality of our students, in the study program Sports Coaching, will certainly be elevated by a modern scientific research lab that was recently opened in the premises of the faculty in New Belgrade. This extremely ambitious project was realized as part of the long-term development strategy of the faculty and its quality policy, respecting the importance of scientific research labs in the function of improving educational and scientific work, as well as the development of the sport.

The laboratory is equipped with modern equipment that is certified for scientific research, and in addition to teaching, it will be used in science and practice. Students will be trained to test athletes, recreational athletes, children and to extract important information from it in order to adapt physical exercise to a given individual. The lab will have a practical application in testing athletes and sports teams of all age categories and giving recommendations to trainers for practical work and giving insight into the condition of the athletes they train. Finally, based on all the obtained test results, it will be possible to publish scientific and professional papers in domestic and international journals.

Classes take place in smaller groups, which leads to more open communication with professors and greater opportunities for acquiring knowledge. Classrooms are technically equipped for multimedia teaching, and we also have a modern computer center and e-learning platform. Classes are adapted to active athletes and permanent employees with an increased number of consultations, so it is not surprising that the Faculty of Sport was the choice of many famous and successful athletes. The study program Coaching in Sport was chosen by basketball players Novica Veličković, Stefan Jović, Vule Avdalović… handball players Andrea Lekić, Dragana Cvijić, and Momir Ilić… wrestlers Viktor Nemeš and Davor Štefanek… volleyball players Jovana Stevanović and Neven Majstrović, water polo players Vladimir Gojković and Nikola Rađenja… karateka Jovana Preković…

Renowned Professors, Medal-winning Guest Lecturers, Famous Students…

The Faculty of Sport of the University “Union – Nikola Tesla” has extremely professional teaching staff, well-known and recognized experts who have extensive experience in professional sport, with national teams, elite clubs, and pro athletes. The names of professors Vladimir Koprivica and Srećko Jovanović, but also other teachers of training technology are a guarantee that our students will have the opportunity to acquire top-level knowledge and experience.

Frequent guests of the Faculty of Sport are the most famous coaches. Guest lectures in previous years were given by Svetislav Pešić, Božidar Maljković, Dejan Savić, Andrea Trinkijeri, Veselin Vujović, Marija Maljković, Jelena Arunović, and many others.

Practical Work and Socializing with Dejan Stanković

Based on the agreement on business and technical cooperation with the football camp “Deki5”, our students had the opportunity to apply theoretical knowledge in practice through working with children at the camp of our celebrated national team member, former ace of Red Star, Lazio and Inter and current Red Star coach Dejan Stanković. During their stay on mountains of Zlatibor and Kopaonik, they got acquainted with the specific methodology of working with children and got professionally improved with the mentorship of Nebojša Milošević, the camp coordinator, who is currently hired as an assistant coach of the Red Star in the professional staff of Dejan Stanković.