The first enrollment deadline at the Faculty of Sport, University „Union – Nikola Tesla“ starts on June 15th and will last until July 17th. If the sports industry is an area in which you would like to improve and accomplish professionally, then the Faculty of Sport in New Belgrade is the right place to gain your education.

The Faculty of Sport has unique study programs designed in the image of leading European faculties in the field of sports, which are accredited by the Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development of the Republic of Serbia:

– SPORTS COACHING (the title of Sports Coach – 240 ECTS)

– MANAGEMENT IN SPORT (the title of Manager in Sport – 240 ECTS)

– SPORTS JOURNALISM (the title of Sports Journalist – 240 ECTS)

What sets the Faculty of Sport apart from other faculties

The Faculty of Sport, University „Union – Nikola Tesla“ is the only one in the entire region, and beyond, that trains sports coaches and sports journalists. It has extremely professional teaching staff, well-known and recognized experts in their fields who have practical experience in various fields of sports: coaches of national teams and famous clubs, officials of sports federations, editors, and journalists of prominent media. The Faculty of Sport is a signatory of the protocol of cooperation with over 80 branch sports federations, sports organizations, and media houses in which our students perform professional practice, get acquainted with the jobs they will do but also gain valuable contacts and experience. The quality of education provided by the Faculty of Sport has been recognized by numerous national branch sports federations, so our graduate coaches automatically receive coaching licenses, and our sports journalism students receive business engagements as reporters (TV Arena sport, Večerenje novosti, Sportski zurnal, Mozzartsport).

Teaching quality

Classes take place in smaller groups, which leads to more open communication with professors and greater opportunities for acquiring knowledge. Classrooms are technically equipped for multimedia teaching, and we also have a modern computer center and e-learning platform. Classes are adapted to active athletes and permanent employees with an increased number of consultations, so it is not surprising that the Faculty of Sport was and is the choice of many famous and successful athletes.

We are one of the few faculties that have a scientific research laboratory that will, among other things, work to train students in testing athletes, recreational athletes, children and learn how to extract work programs, but also to have the opportunity to publish scientific tests based on all test results in domestic and foreign periodicals.

For years, the Faculty of Sport has been the organizer of numerous scientific gatherings, professional forums, and round tables, and guest lecturers are the most famous sports coaches (Svetislav Pešić, Božidar Maljković, Veselin Vujović, Dejan Savić, Andrea Trinkijeri, Jelena Arunović…), sports managers and officials (Miodrag Miško Ražnatović, Aleksandar Boričić, Slobodan Branković, Dane Korica, Milena Reljin…), as well as well-known journalists and editors of media houses (Manojlo Vukotić, Vlada Stanković, Aleksandar Miletić, Željko Vucković…).

The entrance exam is not eliminating

The entrance exam at the Faculty of Sport, University „Union – Nikola Tesla“ is not of an elimination character. The test covers thirty questions in the field of general culture, knowledge of sports, and cognitive abilities and is designed to provide insight into the specific preferences and qualities of candidates.

Professors of the Faculty of Sport have prepared preparatory material for taking the test, which contains 200 questions, 30 of which will be on the entrance exam itself. You can download the preparation material HERE.

Tuition price without hidden costs

The annual price of tuition at the Faculty of Sport is 1,700EUR and is paid in RSD, at the middle exchange rate of the NBS on the day of payment, and payment is also possible in installments. Upon enrollment, students pay the amount of 500EUR in RSD on the day of payment, and the rest of the tuition is paid in 8 equal monthly installments (4 installments in the winter and 4 in the summer semester) ending in June of the current school year.

There are no additional or hidden costs, so the textbooks are free, they are available in the form of scripts in electronic form. Registration for the exam is free, as well as obtaining all certificates from the faculty. Also, on several grounds, candidates can get a discount on tuition:

The faculty provides the following financial benefits:

– 250 euros of individual discount on the amount of annual tuition for family members (at least two students are enrolled from the same family);

– 200 euros discount on the amount of annual tuition for candidates who are holders of Vuk’s diploma from high school and those who, according to the Rules on the categorization of the Olympic Committee of Serbia and the Sports Federation of Serbia, meet the criteria for promising athletes and top sports experts;

– 100 euros discount on the amount of annual tuition for candidates who decide to pay the full amount when enrolling;

– 100 euros discount on the amount of annual tuition for candidates who have completed high school with excellent results;

– 50 euros discount on the amount of annual tuition for candidates who finished high school with very good results, as well as for candidates who pay the planned amount of tuition in two equal installments, the first at enrollment, and the second at the beginning of the summer semester.

Seats are limited

Faculty of Sport, University „Union – Nikola Tesla“ in the school year 2020/2021 will enroll a limited number of students in the first year of its programs:

Sports Coaching – 90 students

Management in Sport – 90 students

Sports Journalism – 90 students

Book your place on time. Gain medal-worthy knowledge. The ONLINE application can be filled in HERE.