Faculty of Sport, University „Union – Nikola Tesla“ opened the Scientific Research Lab. This extremely ambitious project has been achieved as part of the long-term development strategy of the Faculty and its quality policy, respecting the importance of scientific research laboratories in the function of improving educational and scientific work, as well as the development of the sport.

The Lab is equipped with modern equipment that is certified for scientific research, and more importantly, it will be supervised by the best scientific and specialized staff from the Faculty of Sport, already proven in the field of sports diagnostics, programming the competitive form, sports training methods, and conditioning. This synergy of state-of-the-art technology, professional knowledge, and vast experience is made available not only to students, teachers, and associates of the Faculty of Sport but also to sports federations, clubs, and individuals, for the purpose of better individual work and better competitive results.

This Lab, within the regular activities of the Faculty of Sport, University „Union – Nikola Tesla“, will have several goals:

  • improving the upbringing and education of students
  • improving education at the undergraduate and master level studies at the Faculty of Sport
  • improving scientific research productivity
  • acquiring conditions for the organization and implementation of doctoral (PhD) studies
  • practical application of acquired knowledge in the function of athletes
  • counseling students, coaches, athletes, parents.

– Monitoring scientific tendencies in the function of the development of sports sciences is a condition on which one should rely and without which one cannot improve and survive in the professional, scientific, as well as in the existential sense. The survival and development of an institution is not realistic to expect if there is no professional staff, material and technical conditions, and good organization – said the vice dean of teaching at the Faculty of Sport, Dr. Nemanja Ćopić, explaining the reasons for such qualitative progress in the teaching system.

This Scientific Research Lab has the conditions for the implementation of complex research and measurement procedures which determine:

  • the state of health of athletes, children and the general population
  • morphological characteristics (body fat percentage, muscle mass…)
  • motor and functional abilities (strength, power, speed, endurance, flexibility, agility)

Somatoscopy, anthropometry, ergometry, and motor tests will be used to determine the state of health, growth, development, and ability.

Students from the study program Sports Coaching will certainly benefit greatly, as they will have the opportunity to get acquainted with the method of conducting laboratory tests, as well as diagnosing motor skills. Also, students will be able to learn the dynamics of growth and development of motor skills, the nature and structure of the motor and functional abilities, as well as to assess the effects of different exercise programs and working conditions.

Professor at the Faculty of Sport and one of the most recognized experts in physical preparation, Prof. Dr. Vladimir Koprivica pointed out the possibility of the wide application of this laboratory:

– Such a modern and technically equipped Lab will be used for teaching, science, and practice. When it comes to teaching, we will teach students how to test athletes, recreational athletes, children and to extract adequate work programs from it. The Lab will have a practical application in testing athletes and sports teams of all age categories and give recommendations to trainers for practical work and insight into the condition of the athletes they train. Finally, based on all the obtained test results, it will be possible to publish scientific and professional papers in domestic and foreign periodicals – explained Professor Koprivica.