The organization of basketball Final four Euroleague, recently held in Belgrade, received the highest possible ratings. Volunteers have made a significant contribution to the preparation and successful implementation of the entire event.

According to the information provided by Euroleague representative Yorgos Mavrikis, head of Euroleague volunteer service, when visited our Faculty he said that 200 volunteers participated in the organization of the final tournament. Among them, students of the Faculty of Sport Union „Nikola Tesla“ University were also present: Tamara Ćirić, Jelena Gajić, Luka Jordanović, Svetozar Peruničić, Marko Čulić, Uroš Selenić, Boško Petrović, Đorđe Samoilović, Ivan Miletić and Lazar Jelić.

Luka Jordanović, Svetozar Peruničić, Marko Čulić and Đorđe Samoilović shared their impressions with us about the organization of the biggest basketball event this year in Europe :

„It was pretty nice,“ answered the four of them in response to a question about how it all went.

– We had the opportunity to meet many people from abroad. The son of George Bertome, Mark, was personally working with us, who was also involved in the work of the volunteer service. We could see what is needed for the realization of such a great sporting event, which is certainly a valuable experience – says Marko Čulić.

Interestingly, these guys are not the first time they were hired as volunteers. They volunteered during the great floods that hit Serbia in 2014, but also at the Red Star Basketball Club. During the duration of the Financial Pool in Belgrade, they had the most engagements in the Fan Zone in Mali Kalemegdan.

– It was very interesting to be close to famous basketball players. The organization was indeed of the highest quality and the impressions are therefore more than positive – said Đorđe Samoilović, and Luka Jordanović was on his story:

– According to the information we have, about 600 young people from all over Europe have applied for volunteering at Final four, and the places were only 200. That’s why we are very grateful to the Faculty of Sport, because with the recommendation of the people from our Faculty we got an opportunity to volunteer. Without false modesty, we were very valuable, we turned the attention on us to the people of Euroleague, and we will get the invitation to volunteer for the next events. We want to be part of the volunteer service next year at Final Four in the Spanish city of Vitoria.

Svetozar Perunicic especially wanted to emphasize that Euroleague showed its size in relation to volunteers:

– They took great care of all of us. Food and drink were always available to us, so we had everything we’ve needed. For all volunteers, there was also a meeting with well-known basketball players attended by Mihajlo Andrić from Partizan, Branko Lazić and Ognjen Dobrić from Zvezda, then our former representative Duško Savanović, former Real center Joe Arlauksa  as well as Sergio Scarioolo, selector  of Spain. We also received a basketball ball for a gift so that Euroleague deserves all praise – concluded Peruničić.