This undergraduate course consists of 4 years of study and in that period each student gains 240 ECTS credits. After its completion student obtains degree

Sports Manager – Bachelor with Honors


The main objective of the study program of undergraduate studies in sports management is the education of graduate managers through the acquisition of modern theoretical and practical knowledge applicable in the field of management in sport.

Students will acquire professional competence to work as managers of sports organizations, managers of sports facilities and sporting events, marketing managers of sports organizations / sports centers, managers of recreation and fitness centers, sports managers for the organization of educational institutions, PR managers of sports organizations (especially sports club), managers in the sports industry, as well as other governmental and non-governmental institutions.

The structure of this undergraduate course particularly points to obtain a clear and complete picture of the importance and practical use of knowledge acquired through this program of undergraduate studies. It is expected that through the appropriate structure of teaching content, students will acquire knowledge in the field of sports management, marketing and sponsorship in sports, law in sports, quality management in sport, sport facilities, organizations, competitions, sports recreation, leadership in sport, sport psychology, economics of sport, safety in sport, the sports industry and other relevant issues in the modern sport and management in sport.

Student internship is conducted in the last month of the final semester within leading sports organizations and media houses, with which the Faculty has signed a cooperation agreement. This type of teaching is carried out in collaboration with: the Olympic Committee of Serbia, Sports Association of Serbia, Paralympic Committee of Serbia, Institute of Sports and Sports Medicine of the Republic of Serbia, Association of Serbian Coaches, Serbian umbrella sports organizations, as well as sports media houses: Sport Journal, Sport Daily News, Sport FM Radio Station and Sport Club TV Channel. In this way, students have the opportunity to acquire practical knowledge and experience from the most competent national and international experts, with the aim of approaching their future professions in sport during their studies.

Tuition at the Faculty of Sport covers the costs of registration, exams, certificates, scripts and textbooks, additional educational facilities and insurance. The entrance exam is free.

In cooperation with a commercial bank, favorable credit terms of tuition are enabled, including simple procedure of approval, favorable interest rate and fixed dinar instalment.

Faculty of Sport, University „Union – Nikola Tesla“ has fulfilled the standards for accreditation of higher education institutions stipulated by the Ordinance on standards and procedures for accreditation of higher education institutions and study programs. No. 612-00-02636 / 2013-04 of December 12, 2014. We are holders of:

Certificate of Accreditation of Higher Education Institution

Certificate of Accreditation of Undergraduate Studies – Management in Sport

Certificate of Accreditation of Undergraduate Studies – Coaching in Sport

Certificate of Accreditation of Undergraduate Studies – Journalism in Sport

Certificate of Accreditation of Postgraduate Master Studies – Management in Sport

Certificate of Accreditation of Postgraduate Master Studies – Management in Tourism and Sports Recreation

Certificate of Accreditation of Postgraduate Master Studies – Coaching in Sport

Faculty of Sport holds a license issued by the Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development No. 612-00-00487 / 2012-04 of August 7, 2012.

Year 1

History of Sport and Olympism

IT and Statistics in Sport

Sociology of Sport

Functional Anatomy

Theory of Sport

Introduction to Management

Physiology and Biochemistry of Sport

English Language 1


Year 2

Psychology of Sport

Management in Sport

Marketing in Sport

English Language 2

Entreptreneurship in Sport

Ethics in Sport

+ Electives (2 out of 4)

– Sport Law

– Biomechanics of Sport

– Economics of Sport

– Theory of Sport Training


Year 3

Business Finance

Human Resources Management

Business Communication

Strategic Management

French for Sport Purposes

+ Electives (3 out of 6)

Promotion in Sport

PR in Sport

Management in Sport Recreation

Sport Tourism

Sponsorship in Sport

Industry of Sport


Year 4

Quality Management in Sport

Management of Sport Facilities

Management of Sport Events

Management of Sport Organizations

Spanish for Sport Purposes



+ Electives (2 out of 4)

Leadership in Sport

Crisis Management

Safety in Sport

Changes Management