Modern sport is a developed social activity, ranging from the amateur and mass sports, through Sport for all, to the professional and top-level sport, which is implemented in the global sports market. It is characterized by two basic tendencies: firstly, by constant expansion and complexity of relevant theoretical and practical organizational issues, and secondly, by its commercialization.
In addition to the humanistic dimensions of sport as its original value, which is manifested through health, cultural, educational, political and other functions, according to its initial social role, urbanization and industrialization of society, followed by the processes of globalization, commercial dimension of sport has been generated, which has led to a situation where sport is no longer just a physical activity, but a serious economic business or an industry. Sports industry consists of three elements:
(1) sport products, not only sporting goods and equipment, but also sports as a result, the broadcasting of sports activities, etc. .;
(2) suppliers of sports products – who offer goods, services and financial resources (organizers, media, sponsors …) and
(3) consumers of sports products – viewers (in groups and individual) and participants of sports activities.
Such trends and tendencies in the development of sport have led to the fact that, in addition to its traditional humanistic values, sport and its supporting facilities are more measured through the achievement of material and financial effects. The economic value of sport is manifested at the macro and micro levels. Economic results of sport at the macro level represent the total economic value generated by the sport within a country, or within a specific economic activity, while on the micro level economic results of sport results are being implemented directly, through sporting clubs, associations and the like, or by sports companies producing and selling sporting products and services.

Basic macro-economic results of sports manifest themselves in the sports product industry, the sporting goods store, in the construction of sports facilities, tourism, increase in labor productivity, reducing the cost of sick leaves, the increase of working life and life expectancy, the improvement of mental and physical health of citizens. Basic micro-economic results of sport are manifested through the activities of various sports organizations and through working results of sports companies.