In 2019, The Faculty of Sport at The University “Union – Nikola Tesla”, in collaboration with Wikimedia Serbia and its educational program, implemented an interesting project called „Olympic sports through history and the success of our Olympic athletes.“

The results of this project were presented at a panel discussion held on December 26 at The Faculty of Sport. The project created and published new articles and also supplemented existing articles. In this way, facts that are very important to our sport, culture and the entire society have become available. The leading roles in the realization of this project were given to our selected students under the supervision from professors of our faculty Asst. Prof. Aleksandar Pavlović, PhD and Asst. Prof. Ivana Parčina, PhD, as well as Nebojsa Ratkovic from Wikimedia Serbia.

The goals of this project were to: promote the significant success of our athletes in various sports at the Olympic Games throughout history and to inform the public in detail about these sports, and by doing that, promote the positive aspects of sports as a cultural phenomenon in our society and beyond.

The main goal of this project was the introduction of Wikipedia in Serbian education system by writing papers and essays on given topics of various subjects. This includes: introducing students to Wikipedia and the concept of free knowledge, creating essays that will be visible, free and accessible to all, but also encouraging professors to use a modern teaching approach.

We are grateful to the students who have contributed immensely to the realization of this project: Elena Deleva, Uroš Selenić, Stefan Branežac, Ivan Miletić, Stefan Stanković, David Radanović and Petar Aleksić.