Faculty of Sport of the University „Union – Nikola Tesla“ in the new school year continued to expand the
circle of its partners. The cooperation agreement was signed with the Waterpolo Club Red Star, this
season’s Champions League participant, and among the signatories were PhD Ivanka Gajić, Dean of the
Faculty of Sport and Igor Milojević, Director of Waterpolo Club Red Star.

The Red Star Waterpolo Club and the Faculty of Sport in New Belgrade for years have had very
successful cooperation through an agreement with the Red Star Sports Association. Based on this
cooperation, the scholars of the Faculty of Sport are already water polo players Lazar Dobožanov and
Nebojša Toholj.

– To get a complete athlete, we need three supporting pillars. At first family, then education and a
quality sports club where they will have adequate professional work. In that sentence, I said that I
explained how much the cooperation that we agreed with the Faculty of Sports of the University „Union
– Nikola Tesla“ – started the story Igor Milojevic, the director of the WC Red Star.

– I think that top-class water polo players cannot be without top-level education. That’s why we have
chosen a higher education institution that modernly educates and forms professional staff from various
fields of sports. We have a common goal, which is the production of top and educated athletes.
According to Milojević, one segment of this cooperation will be especially important:

– First of all, I mean of the information exchange. The Faculty of Sport seriously works in the
international field with its high-quality personnel. On the other hand, from the pool itself, we give
information on the problems we face in the technical sense of sport development. It is best and most
beautiful when the theory and practice are combined, because then the best result is obtained. That is
why I am convinced that our cooperation will be very successful – concluded Milojević.

On the basis of the signed contract, the Faculty of Sports will provide two scholarships at the annual
level of the Red Star. It is interesting to point out that the Faculty of Sport, although a private higher
education institution, stimulates more than 40 top young sportsmen and perspective sports
– This is a practice that we will not give up, because in this way we want to contribute, from our domain,
to the development of the Serbian sport and to provide support to successful athletes who won medals
in Serbia for the biggest world competitions – stated Ivanka Gajić, PhD, Dean of the Faculty of Sport.