Prof.-dr-Ivanka-GajicIn order to be able to fully use all potentials of sport on the internal and external level, we need to have modern education system of specialists in sport, based on international standards. High demands of modern sport, both in the field of sports training technology, as well as in the area of management organizations and media coverage of sporting activities, require competent and knowledgeable professional staff that, as a fundamental potential of sport, possesses specific knowledge and applicable skills. Therefore, in contemporary education systems in the world, the practice of education and training of key profile sports experts, coaches, managers and journalists at all academic levels has been introduced.

The importance of education shows that sport should not be considered separately from the development of individual skills and preferences. Joint education and sport is their emancipatory function. Any attempt to reduce sport to pure commercialization has far-reaching consequences and counters negative effects. In the broadest sense, education is defined as an activity aimed at developing the knowledge, moral values and attitudes, not only skills related to limited field activities.

We have founded the Faculty of Sport in Belgrade with the intention of establishing a redesigned model of education of cadre for sports, which would satisfy high professional, scientific and educational standards, harmonized with the developed higher education systems in Europe, at the same time fostering the best features of traditional Serbian education system.

The aim of the Faculty is that, following the trends of development and the needs of modern sport, while taking into account the interests of the national sport, gather in one place all of the best we have in this area, so with joint work and efforts we upgrade the experience with the necessary level of knowledge, skills and abilities and in this way we supply the sports market with a highly educated sports experts, competent to work in all segments of sport, using their personal characteristics and professional performance to bring new value to the national sport. By creating such cadre and involving it in the sporting process we ensure the continuity of quality professional work, as well as achievement of the top results – from the youngest categories to the national teams.

Multidisciplinary curriculum, harmonized with the Bologna Convention on Higher Education, as well as modern studying environment, provide a successful educational process, with a significant share of practical work in its execution, a guarantee that students diplomas will not only be a legal act, but also evidence that acquired knowledge and skills can realistically be applied in the sports practice, i.e. the labor market. The future results of our graduates will be the clearest indicator of our success and motivation for us to get engaged in even higher quality educational work.

Prof. Dr Ivanka Gajić , Dean of the Faculty of Sport